Dear Valued Customers,

Updated theme 4.0 is available with life time support at

Because we notified that our product and account is no more live on themeforest  due to some conflict with envato Team. We have/had tried our best to resolve this issue with envato, But unfortunately things become more complicated and envato team is not willing to resolve the issue.

They have/had disabled our account and all of our items has been disabled as well. Due to no access to our author account we are not able to verify any purchase made on envato by our clients, We have/had even asked envato team to give us limited access to our accounts so we can provide support to our clients but they simply rejected our request.  We are not able to provide further updates on our items as well.

But Envato is not ending point, We have launched our very own store and all of our items are live here . you can purchase our item from mentioned url to get life time support and updates.

What about existing customers

As mentioned before we are not able to access our accounts and cannot verify purchase and provide support for purchases made on envato. You must have to re-purchase our item from our store.

We hope you are quite understand the issue now, Thank you for cooperating with us.


Set Up Login & Register Page

To allow user registration, You need to allow registration from Settings > General  Otherwise you will only have login form on Login & Registration page.

Note: There is already login register modals available but still if you think you want a proper page then follow the below steps.

To add Login & Register page, Go to WordPress Admin > Pages > Add New

  1. Provide the page title

  2. Select the Login & Register Template from page attributes.

  3. Publish the page once it is ready.

Now you need to go to Appearance > Theme Options > Members

and copy then paste the Login & Register page URL in related theme option field. As displayed in the screen shot below. If you want to use header navigation for user login and register then you can also enable that navigation from here.

That's it your Login & Register page is ready for use.