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For Demo Import -

Remove the "all-in-one wp migration url extension" from the plugins then go to WP > Appearance > Install plugins. > Install and activate "Classiads Templates by Designinvento". 

Make sure you have Theme version 5.3.8. 

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Theme and plugins installation - ClassiadsPro

Theme Installation

Once you download The classiads Theme, unzip the main package (themeforest-8625840-classiads-classified-ads-wordpress-theme). You can see classiads-classified-ads-wordpress-theme-*version-digits*) folder go into it. There should be complete two versions "Classiads" and "Classiadspro" you need to go in "Classiadspro" and it have following folders:
The theme zip file that you need to upload into your wordpress themes directory
The child theme zip file you need to upload them into your wordpress themes directory "optional" for only when you want to have some custom work. so that you won't change in the main theme. In this case you'll not lose your customization when you update the theme.

All the required and recommended plugins will be listed here which you can choose to upload manually
Documentation files will help you to understand the theme.

The classiadspro can be installed in two different ways:

  1. Installing through wordpress
  2. Uploading through FTP (File transfer protocol)

Installation through Wordpress:

Installing a theme through wordpress is quite a simple process. After you have logged into wordpress account and are ready to go, in the admin panel's sidebar navigate to appearance and then select themes. After that, click on the install themes tab and select upload from the navigation bar right below it. Click "choose file" button and locate your theme zip file ( then hit install now. After The classiadspro has been installed locate and click activate.

Please be informed that you should not upload the whole package you have downloaded from Themeforest as you will get an error of missing classiadspro stylesheet file. Instead locate the file inside the main file you have downloaded.

then Activate it. 

While installing your theme through wordpress admin, you may encounter an error message saying "are sure you want to do this?". This is mainly due to your hosting php settings. The classiadspro theme zip file is roughly around 5mb and in some hostings the default value for max_upload_limit left default which is 2mb. To solve this problem you should either increase your maximum upload size (to 20mb) on your hosting admin panel or ask your host to do it for you if you do not have the privilege to alter your server php settings. This is a very common request and they should be able to help you out. Once the limit is increased you can re-try the install and you'll be all good to go.

Installation Through FTP

  1. Download the Theme archive and extract the main theme zip file it contains (
  2. You may need to preserve the directory structure in the archive when extracting these files. Some software like "winrar" create a sub directory with the same directory name they have unzipped. uploading theme to your server via FTP with this structure is WRONG and you will face with some errors.
  3. Use an FTP client (for example filezilla) to access your host web server
  4. Transfer your unzipped theme to your server in the wp-content/themes
  5. Once the theme is uploaded, you need to activate it. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate your uploaded theme.

Plugins Installation

classiadspro Plugin Installation

there are some required and recommended plugins for classiadspro

  1. Go to Appearance -> Install Plugins
  2. Hover your mouse over the plugin one by one and click install.
  3. From dashboard menu go to Plugins
  4. Find desired plugin and hit activate

You can also install all plugins in bulk by following bellow steps

  1. Go to Appearance -> Install Plugins
  2. select all plugins by clicking on checkbox then from top dropdown menu select install and hit apply. please wait for completion of installation process.
  3. after installation process completed select all plugins again and from bulk action dropdown select activate and wait for success message.
  4. Then select all plugins again and select activate from dropdown menu and hit apply
  5. you can also update all premium plugins from appearance -> install plugins when ever update is available for any plugin
  6. If you found internal server error or execution time error on bulk install. please try to increase execution time in php.ini or contact with host.

Demo Setup:

Make sure you have installed our provided plugin specially "all in one wp migration url extension" as we have modified this for demo setup purpose. If you don't use our provided one, you are not going to get the demos popup. where you can download demos and setup demo.

After activating the plugin "all in one wp migration url extension". In WP > click on all in one wp migration > import > Select URL > here all the demos will appear in a popup. choose one you want to have. Click download. Provide your email and purchase code in the form click subscribe. You'll get a page which includes some information and a URL. Copy this url and past in bottom provided URL field. then click import. continue and With in few minutes your demo will be done.

Once its done your user password will be change to default as:

User : designinvento

pass : designinvento

ClassiadsPro theme, plugins Installation and demo setup video for better understanding.

Good Luck !